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the further back you go into west virginia, also western maryland around hagerstown dealing with little mixed precipitation. don't be surprised if you see little sleeting around that area. we see some showers, light around baltimore, essex and also dun dock. 42 degrees in glen el, rockville at 42 degrees and stevensville at 45. here's a check of the planner as we go throughout the day. it will remain chilly and breezy with a high around 54 degrees. good morning, unfortunately we are dealing dealing with several accidents. there's a crash in crofton at crane highway at compton boulevard and in howard county there's another accident in jessup on washington boulevard at montevideo road. if you are traveling on 695 here at liberty road traffic starting to pick up. a 9 minute ride on the outer loop from 795 down to 70.
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things also starting to congest here in parkville, 695 at hartford road a12 minute road on the outer look from 95 up to 83. and if you are traveling on 95 in white marsh no problems southbound from the beltway to downtown. that stretch will take just 15 minutes. as more and more of us are seeing the lights go back on it's an entirely different story in new jersey. there they are waking up to what will undoubtedly be another day of picking through the rubble and those treasured possessions they had. just outside of new york city, kirk i know that you started out here in maryland over on kent island and made your way through new jersey. give us an idea of how bad it is and the things you've seen along the way. >> reporter: well, here in hoboken they're dealing with power outages and flood waters which have receded. we made our way up the jersey
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shore and saw some pretty unbelievable things. we stopped in cape may, a beach called reed's beach. we saw homes decimated by the storm, entire living rooms ripped off the back of the home, unbelievable stuff, and further north of new jersey we found a marina that had also been destroyed by the storm, boats tossed around like toys, probably a good 30 to 40 boats destroyed. i talked to at least one boater out there who said he couldn't believe his eyes. he could not believe what he was seeing. many people describing it the same way from reed's beach to that marina. they're saying it looks like a bomb blew off and just destroyed everything in its path. back here in hoboken, the army national guard behind america you can see their trucks. they're on stand by. they're helping with any sort of emergency issues they need to help with. the rescue operations are mostly over because the flood waters have receded. but the power is out here in
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hoboken, the power out in manhattan. it's an eerie thing to drive through new york city in the dark. it's been bizarre. a lot of people hoping things will get turned back on soon. but it could take weeks. >> anybody who's been up there they know it's a city that glitters with lights. >> thanks so much and we appreciate you giving us an idea especially since you started in country island. a lot of you here at home have debris or flooding or perhaps a piece of your roof is in your hard. when you see what happened in other neighborhoods like queens you can see just how powerful sandy could be. and sherrie johnson is here with more on new video and how that community went up in flames. how are they doing this morning? >> not too good. they're hanging in there. people in a flooded beach front neighborhood on the outskirts of new york city returned home to find fire had taken everything the water had not.
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a huge fire destroyed homes in the close knit community of breezy point in queens. families tried to salvage whatever they could find. melted bicycles, charred dolls, blackened chairs were scattered around the area with small fires still burning as families searched for their belongings, fire search and rescue teams searched for anyone who may have disappeared in the fire. firefighters, police and first responders lost many people on 9/11. right now they're trying to come together to support one another. >> it -- things like this happen in missouri. they happen in california. they don't happen here. this is not supposed to happen here. it's terrible. >> now fire officials say that the fire burned about 110 homes in the breezy point community. sherrie johnson abc2 news. hard to imagine. thanks. we are just beginning to grasp just how much damage sandy
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caused. take a look at this. this person is sitting on a porch of what was once a beach front home, this along the new jersey coast. you can almost feel the sense of lost and despair coming from that man as he sits on the steps of what was once his home with his head in his hands. a battle over a parking spot turns violent. the whole thing is caught on camera and police say the video shows a 77-year-old woman driving her buick almost 300 yards with a man clinging to the hood. there are conflicting stories about how this happened ask what led up to it. he said she started to drive at him and ended up on the hood as a result. she says he jumped on the hood of her car. the woman is facing criminal mischief and aggravated battery with the deadly weapon charges as well. this all over a parking spot. transfats to earrings to short skirts and now an unusual ban at one school, they're banning something that we all spend so much time to perfect,
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cursive. >> and does your kid really need 7 pounds of candy, you're probably saying no but your kid saying yes and your doctor is freeing with you -- agreeing with you saying no. what do you do with the leftovers? there's a great solution out there. we'll tell you how to take advantage of it.
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thanks for joining us on this thursday morning. it you buy too many treats to hand out for halloween or maybe your kid came home with too much candy. here's a suggestion. over the last few years many have initiate these candy buy back programs. what you can do is take those treats to a dentist office in exchange for cash. you can visit the web site to find a dentist near you that's participating. the candy is sent to operation gratitude, one of the few groups that puts the treats in
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care packages for u.s. troops serves overassesses. a school district in missouri says it may stop teaching kids how to write in cursive. they say technology has made the practice obsolete, so what do students think about it? >> i think they should teach it, like, because we will have a second way to write. >> you don't use it because if you order something online, if you don't need cursive. >> no word on when the final decision could be made, but banning cursive could be a thing that's happening in districts. $1.84 for a gallon of gas. it is not a mistake if you see that. why one area gas station now has those low prices at the pumps but only for today. >> and we're going to take live with charlie in atlantic city right now to check out the damage there and see how close. >> traffic's really starting to pick up on 695 at old court
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road and we are dealing with several accidents across the region. i'll have the details coming up on good morning maryland.
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thursday morning november 1 november 1st. thanks for joining us. this is your abc2 to go. i'm megan pringle. we're going to start things off with meteorologist lynette charles and find out how your morning is shaping up. >> it's cold out there megan and we're dealing with temperatures at 42 degrees in ijamsville right now. the winds are to the northwest they are light right now. they'll pick up more as we go throughout the day at 5 to 15 miles an hour. columbia 46 degrees now and laurel coming in at 44. you need that big coat. maryland's most powerful radar picking up on light scattered showers scattered in nature. and even further back towards the west we are dealing with light rain showers around mount airy, lisbon and this will continue towards hagerstown getting mixed precipitation there along i-70. this is going to be the scenario for this morning, much drier as we go into the afternoon, but the clouds will continue. they'll be hovering. make a -- maybe a few peeks of
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sunshine but mostly cloudy skies in store. that high temperature i'm going with 54 degrees for today and then we'll continue breezy as we go into 7:00 this evening. let's get a check of the traffic with lauren cook. good morning. we are dealing with a crash right now in anne arundel county. it's in crawford at ron son boulevard. if you are traveling through the tunnels there's a disabled car that has just cleared up in the southbound lanes at 95. no delays through the fort mchenry tunnel. the bad news is congestion starting to pick up on the west side of the beltway. here's a shot at old court road, that outer road starting to jam. it's going to take you 12 minutes right now to travel from 795 down towards interstate 70 at 25 miles per hour. 83 nice and clear here in hunt valley. no delays to the beltway and it will remain clear as you get on
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to the jfx and head downtown. 6:45 right now. we have an update on breaking news that we brought you earlier coming out of los angeles. usc says no students faculty or staff ever with involved in an overnight shooting that happened on campus at a halloween party. two men got into an argument, one pulled out a gun and shot the other. three other people were hit in gunfire. their injuries appear to be less serious. the usc campus will be open for classes this morning. the men and women that we turn to in our state in this situation where there is an mortgage, this morning they're headed out of town up to new jersey to help out storm victims. linda so joins us this morning to tell us what they're doing. >> baltimore is sending two ambulances, an suv, and a total of five people to new jersey to help with storm victims. we have new video to show you. the crews showed up just before
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4 this morning at the public safety training academy on northern parkway to pack up and load up with emergency supplies. things like bandages, back boards and splints. they're heading to atlantic county, new jersey, an area devastated birthday by the storm -- devastated be i the storm. the team that left from here to baltimore will be making a quick stop in elkton to meet up with the units. they're al they'll be responding to 9-1-1 calls and doing anything to help out. >> really unsure. it could be to help people trapped we could be assisted with or it could be people who have already been treated and are waiting to be removed from the area. >> they're expected to get to new jersey by nine this morning and to spend the next seven to ten days helping storm victims. they give their time to help those affected by sandy, and later this morning senator
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barbara mikulski will be working with the workers and volunteers to tell them thank you. 200 red cross workers have been deployed to new jersey to help out storm victims. charlie is not here at the desk but he is joining our show. he is headed to atlantic city, and he's doing this to check out the storm damage from sandy. he joins us on the phone on the way up to atlantic city. charlie some people might be wondering why you're headed up there. >> you know, megan the reason we're doing this for you and good morning to you is to give our viewers an idea of how close we came to the direct hit and may be sustaining some of the similar, if not identical damage to what happened in atlantic city. we're along 95 now just passed through the toll roads going into delaware, and to build on something that linda so just reported to you on good morning marylands we have passed one of those mid medicinicsnics from walt -- medics from baltimore city on the way up to new jersey.
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we were talking about that as you notice the city ambulance that far out of its jurisdiction and we were talking about the possibility of that being where they were going. that does appear to be the case. we passed in aberdeen one of the staging areas for the electrical crews on our way up. haven't seen much damage on the way. it is dark and we're on a major interstate but the idea it's 155 miles as drive by map quest from baltimore to atlantic city. but on a straight line shot, we're talking about 100 miles, maybe even less. so we're going up here to give you a firsthand look and an idea of just how lucky we were in the state and just how close we came to that direct hit. >> we're looking forward to that and i know you're going to be filing reports all day long for the news at 5 and 6 tonight and 11:00 as well. we'll look forward to hearing from you. >> thank you.
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we have some all new video to show you this morning from hurricane sandy. we have seen some incredible pictures and video, and right now abc2's sherrie johnson is at the live desk with all new video to share with you. >> this all new time lapsed video captures sandy's wrath on new york city in a 2 minute clip. take a look at this video it condenses super storm sandy's strike on new york city and was taken from the north side peers towers in williams burg brooklyn. the bridge is the williamsburg bridge it covers early morning october 29th until october 30 october 30th and a very long night of the storm. the clip shows the darkening sky, the intensity of the wind as the water becomes choppy with swells, then the rain and finally the loss of power to part of the city. the rainfall is so heavy at times, the manhattan skyline almost disappears from view and as night falls the power goes out, a rough night for many residents and many in new york are returning home to total devastation. some areas don't have power. there are long lines for gas
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and some hospitals are struggling to stay open and operate. sherrie johnson abc2 news. we're 10 minutes away from 7:00, the same sex marriage issue is getting hollywood attention. brad pitt is donating up to $100,000 to the human rights campaign. same sex marriage is on a ballot here in maryland as well as maine, minnesota and washington state. pitt says he will match contributions from members of the human rights campaign up to $100,000. the group has spent about $5 million in the four ballot measures this year. five things you may want to know as you head out the door. president barack obama on the campaign trail today. he's going to hold rallies in wisconsin, nevada and colorado. the president is trying to make up some of the appearances that he canceled during sandy. and meanwhile republican nominee mitt romney is going to be campaigning in virginia. gnaw web site for job training, mayor stephanie
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rollins blake will launch will also be on hand. this will take place at the east side traffic center, the career center there. >> so just $1.84 you're going to be able to get a gallon of gas and fill up your tank tank for less than normal. the price will be rolled back at one gas station for a limited time today. the group of americans for prosperity say they want to show how different things were four years ago before president obama took office. the rollback will take place from 4 until 6 this evening at the hess gas staying. it's american indian heritage month and lieutenant governor anthony brown is presiding over a ceremony today. the festivities include traditional dancing, crafts and vendors. local marines are once
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again working to collect holiday presents for children in need this year. this is your chance to help out toys"r"us. they are helping out with this. they're having the toy drive campaign and marines will be at the stores in baltimore today to take your donations. time now for a check on your weather. we're going to send it over to meteorologist lynette charles. >> kids are going back to school and they need to prepare. >> today is going to be another day where we can continue the cleanup. we see a few showers around the area, very light, very scattered in nature, still dealing with mixed precip back off towards the west, so we're talking about sleet, little bit of snow, but all in all we should stay mainly dry, especially as we go into the afternoon. temperatures will be cold once again, so today very reminiscent of what we got yesterday. 43 degrees right now in el kit city, 45 degrees in landover, 4 44 in annapolis.
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let's talk about what's going on at the surface because we have chilly and breezy conditions. all this will be courtesy of that remnant low of sandy pulling away from us heading up towards the north into canada. with that we will continue to be on the unsettled side. high pressure will work its way in here as we go towards the weekend. so we will begin to see some light at the end of the tunnel. i know a lot of you want that sunshine in here. it will come. as we check out what's going on on future trend, while we still have those clouds around today and tomorrow, we'll get a few peeks of sunshine today. even more tomorrow and then by sunday that looks like our day and saturday. 54 degrees is what i'm going with today. that temperature is well below average. we should be at 61 degrees for this time of year. 39 for tonight. it's going to be cold again, 55 continued chilly and breezy as we go into tomorrow. look at the 50s across across
6:55 am
the board. sandy has altered our weather pattern but what we want is that sunshine, and that's what's going to be coming in here as we go towards the weekend. pretty chilly start off to november. i'm not loving it. i can't lie. unfortunately we are dealing with a crash in anne arundel county in crofton along crane highway at ron son boulevard. if you are traveling on 97 right now it's going to take you just 15 minutes from annapolis up to 695. and if you are heading out to 95 expect congestion traveling southbound from route 100 to route 175 and this is what the beltway looks like on the west side here at liberty road, outer loop starts to jam. you're looking at a 15 minute ride from 795 down towards interstate 70. hartford road same case on the outer loop you're looking at a 14-minute ride to travel from 95 to 83. very slow ride up towards towson this morning.
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>> lynette charles i'm going to put you on the spot. listen to this. would you spend $250 on an album. that's how much a limited edition of rihanna's latest cd costs, $250. unapologetic, which seems like a good name diamonds executive platinum box and it includes a 40 page custom notebook, handwritten note to her fans and a t-shirt. the album will be released on november 19th. $250. would you spend that on any musician? >> no way. the handwritten note is kind of cool though. >> not for $250. >> it depends how long is this note going to be. >> i'm skeptical. i wonder is this really handwritten, or is this a reproduced handwritten note. >> you know those aren't real diamonds.
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